Month: January 2021

Starting out in 2021

Now in general I don’t have a defined “garden year”. We garden year-round, or at least we try to. We have plants in the ground at any given time and seedlings in trays or in small pots on the windowsill or in the cold frame on our balcony. But like with most people, our main focus is on the summer crops and since they are sown early in the calendar year here in the Northern Hemisphere, we tend to do our planning between Christmas and Epiphany (when I have time off from work). Also the winter solstice and lengthening days tend to motivate me… Continue reading

Mornings at the Allotment

Welcome to Mornings at the Allotment. This is a personal blog about my journey to a more peaceful, fulfilled, and sustainable life.

We – that’s myself, my partner, and my teenage daughter, have had plot 97 for almost two years now and are still learning. But already we have come to appreciate it more than we can say.

So why the title? I work full time with a very long commute and we live in an apartment – but working from home due to Covid has allowed me to spend some time at the allotment before work every morning with a cup of tea or coffee- the perfect start to almost every single day.